Photography For Architects

As architects, do you find it difficult to photograph your own work? Do you appreciate how best to use photography to promote your work and practice through great looking photos?

Professional architectural photographer, Keith Cooper, will explain how photography can communicate your message better than the written word and why bad photography can actually harm your business.

Keith will take you through the practical issues of capturing great photos, including the preparation and planning that can really help before you even get the camera out.

Learn simple image processing tips and how best to use your images to tell a story and promote your practice and its services.

Expect tips and guidance that are relevant at whatever level of expertise or equipment you possess.

Keith will be happy to answer specific technical queries about equipment choices. By all means bring a camera if you have any specific questions, although it’s not required to bring your own equipment.

This event is part of LOVE ARCHITECTURE festival 2019 in partnership with LCB Depot’s Design Season 2; hosted by Northlight Images and Leicestershire and Rutland Society of Architects in association with RIBA.

To book your place please click here.

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