Wellbeing in the Workplace CPD

Part 1 – The Individual

Raising awareness, looking after your own mental health and maintaining wellbeing:

 brief overview/understanding of what mental health is

 what is stress, causes & effects

 tips, tools & interventions for self-management

 resilience – what is resilience, how resilient are you

 CBT models, tools to help build resilience

Part 2 – The Organisational Focus

Why it Matters – Building the Business Case

helping organisations to develop and sustain a wellness culture:

 why mental health & wellbeing is important at work

 how to create a mentally healthy workplace

 what the organisation can do to help people stay well at work

 Understanding why people respond & cope in different ways during change

 steps to help people adapt during uncertainty

 current challenges that managers & team leaders are facing and tips for addressing them.

 Examples of good leadership/management practices

 Communicating – six styles to get the balance right.

 A new normal…looking at the positives now and into the future.

 action plans & ways to continue the momentum & engagement

 how to have the conversation and ways to support staff

 setting goals & monitoring progress

Audience participation will be actively encouraged to direct the conversation. Your questions and thoughts throughout the evening will be welcomed. 

This event is part of LOVE ARCHITECTURE festival 2020 in partnership with LCB Depot’s Design Season 3; hosted by Leicestershire and Rutland Society of Architects in association with RIBA.

Book your place here

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